Barcelona, Spain


Nothing has really inclined me to learn a third language, until I stepped foot into this country. I had the best wine and tapas in Barcelona.

I fell in love with the culture, the architecture, the music, the shopping and best of all the FOOD. I had tapas and sangria’s all day. The simplest tapas were my favorite- patatas bravas with red wine sangria. They spoke spanish, but you can tell the dialect was different- Catalan.

The buildings had so much detail, I couldn’t help but think of how long it took to create so much character. From the ceilings to the bay windows and the crown molding. I have never seen so many intricate designs on apartment buildings, restaurants and the little markets were so colorful. I enjoyed the gothic quarters the most- they had a ton of shops and restaurants! I had to take a photo of the infamous gargoyles and the little bridge- which was neat to see. It was fun walking everywhere- we got to see a lot of the town we wouldn’t have seen in a cab. Don’t get me wrong, we took the cab a lot! Especially if we were planning to make that trek into a different part of the city.

Attending a Barcelona Futbol game was amazing- probably the highlight of our trip! If we make our way around Barcelona again, I’d love to catch another game!! Adeu, Barcelona!



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