Anchorage, Alaska

The weather in Anchorage is equally beautiful in the winter and summer. I thought the daylight would mess up my circadian rhythm, but I managed to get my sleep uninterrupted. Besides my newborn waking me up, every couple of hours. The sunlight actually prevented me from being cranky, which was refreshing.

Alaska is great for people who love outdoors, the woods, snow, fishing and hiking! Things I couldn’t do as I was pregnant and it was the worst season for a pregnant woman. It was beautiful and we had the best views of the mountains which surrounded the whole city. However, it seemed overpopulated- it was always busy in the restaurants, movies, gas stations – you name it. You’d think the cold would be a bothersome, but it’s a dry cold so it was manageable.  During winter, I always preferred the snow over the ice-y roads, but the sun remained high in the sky -snow, ice or sometimes even rain.

I wouldn’t mind going back to Snow City café. Now, that’s breakfast. Pay them a visit and you won’t be disappointed.



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