Honolulu, Hawaii

Despite the humidity during the month of September, it never dampened our joy on the beaches of Hawaii. The Mai Tai’s, the coconut shrimps and the spam and rice were my favorite!!

We had such a great schedule- sleep in, eat the best papaya you could ever consume, sight see or go to the beach for the day, go back to the hotel to shower, take a nap, then go out to drink with the locals all night. It was an amazing time!! We danced at a local bar that had a live band which luckily for us, was J-Boog. We even got a picture with him.

I enjoyed the north shore, as it was more secluded than Wakiki. The swap meet was fun, but the hidden beaches were more for me. I got to enjoy the roars of the ocean and the warm sand wrapped around my wet skin. I hope I make another visit to Honolulu- my husband and I made some of the best memories we’ve ever had. Aloha!

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