Lawton, Oklahoma

Lawton was strangely quiet, but the people were very friendly. I wouldn’t be comfortable walking around at night- there was something eerie about the area.

What was I doing in Lawton? The same reason 90% of the travelers visit. To partayyy! Not really. Military basic training graduation. Yep. It was the strangest and heartwarming 4 day trip I’ve ever made. Strange- because the town looked like its sole existence was due to the Military families visiting. Heartwarming- because I got to see my love. There wasn’t really much to do, but go to the few chain restaurants or go shopping? I don’t even remember seeing any retail stores. I don’t have anything against Lawton or the people, as my encounters with them were only pleasant. However, there crime statistics kept me in my room at night. It’s probably safe to say that I won’t be going out to Lawton again. I’m also a believer in the saying- never say never.



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