Los Angeles, California

The love of my life resided in Southern California for 17 years. LA is the first place I experimented with Mexican food…real Mexican food.

Initially, I fell in love with the city. The culture, the food, the weather and even my in laws were pleasant to be around! I couldn’t wait to move back there. Until, we lived there for 4 months. I couldn’t wait to get back to clean air. The pros have been said, but the cons outweighed our decision to stay. Yes, people there is a cost in living close to the most amazing beaches, the weather, the FOOD, the shopping and all the main attractions Southern California offers.


The cost was the defined crow’s feet around your eyes and mouth, the hours you lose from living in traffic, the cost of living, the drought, the smog and best of all living near your other half’s family. Just kidding!! They’re actually lovely to visit. Shoot, If I was rich, I would be living in Huntington Beach. I am grateful I get to visit Southern Cal so often! The visits never disappoint!



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