Paris, France

I’ve never seen a place where the locals were dressed to impress at the grocery store. The fashion and the SHOPPING was absolutely amazing. And yes, the food was just as good.

Something about Paris was definitely romantic, but that could have been due to the fact I hadn’t seen my husband in over 6 months. Nevertheless, the narrow streets that made you walk closer to each other, the gorgeous views of the city and the never-ending wine was the icing to a romantic get away. The Eiffel tower was more beautiful at night than in the day. It’s a must see, but there were so many things to do with such limited time! I also couldn’t believe they didn’t serve eggs and hash browns for breakfast???! That’s when the American came out of me…during breakfast.

DSC02356 DSC02362 DSC02228 DSC02095 DSC02325

Truth is, the Parisian’s seem content with a piece of toast or croissant and a cup of coffee. Although, Paris seemed more like a melting pot- I really appreciated everyone as they were all so pleasant. I know that rudeness is the stigma for ‘parisians’ but if you are conscious of their culture- you’ll be fine. For example, don’t walk into their restaurant and try to order a cheeseburger.

I never got the chance to see the palace of Versailles, which means I have to plan another trip to Paris ;). Ciao!



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