Seattle, Washington

The Seahawks fan’s were liiive! Probably the most audacious crowd next to the Dodger fans! Their team spirit managed to distract me from getting on the right boat…That’s a different story for another time.

The parking and traffic wasn’t great, but I will take it over California traffic any day. I enjoyed everything about Seattle, the ferry, the hills- even the Starbucks on every block. The shopping was grand, but so were the prices! Too bad I appreciated their fashion too much to turn away…like I always do. If there was one thing I’d go back for- Pike’s Place would take that spot in a heartbeat. It reminded me of Portland, Oregon’s Saturday market, but better! I guess less hippies? Just kidding.. The next time I pay a visit- I’ve just gotta catch a fish from the market and hope it doesn’t hit me in the face.



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