Ilocos Sur, Philippines

My life changed for the better when I visited my parent’s homeland. Something about the food, the people and maybe the air? Whatever it was, my soul was humbled and my heart is forever touched.

The street food would be your best bet. The BBQ sticks will never disappoint you, nor will the bags of soda they serve. Filipino’s love American’s- even though I am one, I didn’t totally blend in. They love to people watch- don’t be surprised if you look back and see a crowd of people following. I could have taken offense, but it’s supposed to be flattering. I’ve never enjoyed people watching, yet people following- but the story may change if that particular group has BBQ sticks.

There are so many islands that I wanted to see, but was limited due to what everyone lacks. Time. I am counting the days until I get a taste of those BBQ sticks again…



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