Chicago, Illinois

Chi town was definitely the windy city when I visited for four short days. The Chicago O’Hare airport was an absolute mess- I was just glad I didn’t check in a bag. I remember walking by a group of bitter passengers that were missing their bags. You could see the fire fuming out of people’s ears and feel the tensity as you walk on by.

The mall was filled with navy soldiers. We were near the base which explained the ubiquitous uniforms. One of the pizza parlors we visited was absolutely mouthwatering. Gino’s pizza. The crust was perfectly thick with the right amount of crunch. The people weren’t as rugged as I have heard. Although, there were a few cat calling here and there from groups of men, but that kind of behavior is unavoidable anywhere. The architecture here was beautiful. I was shocked that the bean was larger than I had imagined! The bull from Wall Street was significantly smaller. One of these days, I’m going to have a lay over in O’hare and I’ll have to try my BEST to make that trek to Gino’s.



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