Phuket, Thailand

Phuket was like Vegas..but on steroids! Aside from the nightlife, the world outside of the depicted image was such a memorable experience. The people were extremely generous and I was enlightened to hear that their English was pretty descent. I couldn’t help but take advantage of the affordable tours they were offering. The elephant ride was an unexpected experience. It was incredible to watch how the trainers controlled them. I didn’t realize how much of a process it took to steer an elephant.
The food was great! I actually tried their octopus kabob! Despite my hesitance, after the first bite – call it cliche, but it tasted like chicken! Just a tad bit chewy but still very tasty!
One of my goals in life is to venture off to Phi Phi islands and live there for as long as I can! The photos I’ve seen from the islands look unrealistically beautiful.

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