Venice Beach, California

This beach is unlike any beach I have ever encountered. The action and atmosphere is incomparable to your typical beach. The first time I visited Venice was in the month of August- I don’t like to assume but I think it’s safe to say that it was during their peak season.

In the first 10 minutes of our walk down to the beach I noticed

  • A boisterous bum getting arrested
  • A man riding his bicycle while smoking a joint
  • People rollerblading through us
  • Reggae music playing in the background- creating an energetic beach vibe
  • The skaters grinding through the mini skate park ON the beach
  • People playing basketball ON the beach
  • And again, people lifting weights ON the beach

This was all going on while we were attending a muscle beach competition. I loved how busy Venice was! I found really unique gifts and I’m not talking about the tourist key chains or t-shirts either. I found a cart that had home made candle terrariums with sand and ocean figurines in them. Now, that wasn’t something I could just buy anywhere.

Everything about Venice beach was amusing and really enjoyable. Until then, Venice!!


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