Lake Eola, Florida

Lake Eola Park was a little town of it’s own. It had so many activities to offer for both children and adults. The classic swing sets with slides attached AND the bouncy house’s was a picture perfect Sunday for the kids we had brought with us.

Although, it was loud, activity-wise, there was something peaceful about the park. No matter how busy the market and food carts would get- something about the environment made it feel more placid. There were many people laying by the lake reading, playing music, enjoying their picnics and even sleeping. The ducks swimming in the man-made ponds and the fountains definitely added to the harmonious and serene atmosphere.

This place might be a perfect location to study or get work done as you might be able to focus in a busy environment. Your options on what to do on your breaks can vary from taking a nap by the pond or grabbing food from a local cart.

I might have to add this park to my work routine! See you soon, Lake Eola!



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